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$25,000 for our Re-Grand Opening

We Won't Open Quite Yet

​Many venues are open here in South Florida. Doghouse Theater will not be among them right now. We don't think it's quite safe enough yet. We are projecting re-opening in July. We trust the advice of scientists and health leaders and a comedy show shouldn't be the place you get sick.


Palm Beach County is listed as one of the top three counties in the nation to be at risk for a major uptick in infections. That's not a reflection of heredity or geography; it's about behavior and attitude.  We think that the time to open is when we have reached 75% vaccinated to successfully have herd immunity and even then we will open with caution. 


We hope you'll stay safe. We hope you'll stay smart. And we will not do anything to put you at risk. We will continue to develop and perform online comedy (see below), as well as online meetings of students and instructors. If you're interested in viewing or participating in any of those events, drop us an email and we'll hook you up. Some links are below.

We hope to see you soon. We perform improv comedy. For us, insanity belongs on the stage, not off of it. Thank you for being a member of our beloved audience!

—Doghouse Theater


Virtual Doghouse

Are You Serious?

Online Game Show

Saturdays, 9pm ET

Shitty Improv

Great when it has to be. Shitty when it needs to be.

Mondays, 7:30pm ET

Read My Lips

Bad movies. Great Dubbing.

Fridays, 9pm ET

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AYS thumbnail.jpg
ShitImpr finl.jpg

The Dawn Patrol presents


Sundays, 5pm ET

Starting March 21


Tao of Improv

Wokshops: archived

TOI Wkshop Horiz.jpg

Tao of Improv

Class Symposium Series: archived

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Shows and Classes

When we resume...

Improv Comedy Shows

We Teach Improv, Standup and Much More

Established Comedians and Open Mic Adventurers


Doghouse Theater is the home of Sick Puppies Comedy, serving the Boca/Delray area for nearly a decade.

Sick Puppies has a number of all-star teams, performing the widest variety of improv around. From Chicago-style improv, to improvised musicals and more, there's a show for you. In fact, they're all for you.

Our special guest teams from around FLorida add to the excitement on the Doghouse Theater stage.

Doghouse Theater is your one-stop shop for comedy classes.

We teach a wide variety of improv classes, as well as sketch writing, standup comedy and more.

Classes are taught here at the theater, and at locations in Boca Raton.

Click on the graphic above to learn more about the specific classes we teach and see which ones are right for you!

Improv is great. So is standup comedy.

Doghouse Theater offers both types of funny. The best local and regional comedians take the stage every week at Doghouse Theater.

And we welcome open mic participants, as well. We also teach standup comedy classes, and our students get the chance to perform in our theater, and at other friendly venues.

Come see comedy with microphones!

The Tao

of Improv


Quantum improv

The little books that no serious improviser should be without


Two books that can help you see improv — and see yourself as an improviser — in a whole new light. The CEO of your scene. Improvising with your cat. ​Quantum physics and improv. Tools for your toolkit. Groundedness. And much more.

Paperback, Kindle and Audiobook editions are available via Amazon/Kindle. Paperbacks are also available for purchase at Doghouse Theater.

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105 NW 5th Ave., Delray Beach, FL 33444

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