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What Are We?

Basically: What's the meaning of Life, the Universe and Everything?

We opened Doghouse Theater because we have an incredible troupe of comedic actors who want a place to play for you. We have a dazzlingly brilliant lineup of expert instructors who teach a wide range of comedy classes. We know many, many wonderful standup comedians who deserve a cool, funky place to make audiences laugh. We have a large extended family of improv friends and teams who will honor us with their performances on our stage. We have close relationships with nearby bars, eateries and venues. And we love this indie little neck of the woods in a Historic District just north of Atlantic. 

We're close enough to the action in downtown Delray to keep life interesting. And just far enough that there's plenty of free parking and no need to use the Downtown Bypass to reach us on a weekend night.

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Our Promise

Basically: What you can expect from us

We are dedicated to quality. We don't settle for mediocre. We will always go out of our way to provide a great show, no matter what it is. We will strive to put our years of experience to maximum use and provide great classes and workshops that are fun, engaging and useful.

We're here because we love this.

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Our History

Basically: Building on the past

Our venue at 105 NW 5th Avenue has a notable history. It's not simply a concrete box with windows and doors.

The building was the home of Kemp's Restaurant, a beloved local eatery owned and run by a revered member of the community: Thomas Kemp. It was later expanded to become Thawana's Hotel, named after his daughter.

More recently, the venue was the home of Improv U, a Delray Beach-based improv theater company who, coincidentally, remain friends of ours and who regularly perform at Doghouse Theater.

We're the home of Sick Puppies Comedy. Learn more about them here. And we're the home of The Tao of Improv. Learn more here

We've kept the funky, historic feel of the place. We are building for the future, using the past as our foundation. We hope that future includes you.

About: Our History
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