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Would you like to have an active partner in promoting your business?  What if actors in a live show was talking to a live audience about your product or service in a real and interactive way?  Well, by helping us raise money for our theater, you get to purchase that very thing for-ever!  What else do you get?


The moment you sponsor us:

  • Added to our website with a link to  a website of your choice.
  • An announcement on our social media thanking you for your partnership.
  • A special announcment sent to our email list.


The moment we open:

  • You get to design a slide that is part of our carousel we display on our two monitors in the theater
  • You get a spot in our lobby to put our cards or other display items
  • We talk about your product with your approved verbiage in a 15-30 second pitch to the audience during every Doghouse Theater Show.
  • You also receive 2 free tickets to every public Doghouse Theater Show forever. 


Every year we will create a social media post and email campaign that's just for you on top of all of our other material that will have your logo on every promotion we have. 

Lifetime Sponsorship

$5,000.00 Regular Price
$4,000.00Sale Price
  • This is non-refundable, but you are welcome to change your slide or update your pitch as needed throughout the year. 

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